Hi love, I'm Lisa

So this is me, we have found each other and isn’t it great? I have earned the name of The Confidence Queen because I deliver confidence coaching with an intuitive touch. I consider myself a gentle thought steerer who leads you back to your true fierce self.

Here are some things you may not know about me…

I’m a mother of two miracles and wife of an absolute hunk and we live in the prettiest seaside town in North County Dublin.

I’m a seasoned performer.

An award winning musician and writer.

A handwriting champion.

And a confidence coach to many ambitious and high achieving mothers.

God, my life sounds grand.

But, get this…I wasn’t always The Confidence Queen…

Lisa Fox Confidence Coach Queen Lioness Mentor (12)
Lisa Fox Confidence Queen Coach Ireland Mentor (4)
Lisa Fox Confidence Coach Queen Lioness Mentor (4)

I used to be the least confident person...

As a child, I would hide when visitors came to the house.
As a teen, I would blush when spoken to… by anyone.
And well into my performing career, I would throw up before every performance.

I learned a lot about confidence by doing hard work, the long way around. But despite always being in the self-belief slow lane I had a lot of success in both my creative career and my performing arts school business.
Everything I achieved was through sheer hard work, determination and talent. I thought that was enough. But I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential. Especially when success came so damn slowly I knew I’d be burnt out before I reached my life purpose.

I was doing everything the hard way.

It wasn’t until shortly after the birth of my first child – in the midst of yet another confidence crisis – I decided;
there had to be an easier way to unlock and maintain fierceness and confidence.

I did my research, I put in the hours to learn, grow and flourish in the area of confidence coaching and self-development, but this sparked a game-changing thought….I already had all the tools to get where I wanted to be.

Uncaging My Lioness

I realised I had spent too much time over-identifying with that scared and timid side and was just waiting for permission to be myself. To be a lioness. 

There was one very important point I had missed.

Confidence is more important than competence in order to succeed.

I realised I hadn’t been living fully. That more than a fear of failure, I was suffering from a fear of success.

I also realised that now I had kids it wasn’t going to cut it to just say – follow your dreams, do what makes you happy. I had to show them…

This is when everything changed for me, when I completely turned my life around and leaned into the things that truly served me. This is when I uncaged my Lioness and taught her how to roar. 

And this, my love, is the very work I want to do with you.  

Ready to change your life?

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Lisa, you’re magic. You turn all my worries and insecurities into positives! It’s like you instantly tune into what’s behind my lack of confidence. I’ve set boundaries easily, without upsetting people, that’s changed everything for me. The processes you gave me help me see things as they really are, just limiting beliefs that I can change. You helped me to see that I’m me, not just a wife, daughter or mother but ME, Heather. I can be me and have and do what I want.