Lioness Call

This session is all about you. Let’s settle down and focus on your heart’s desires, your wildest aspirations and how we can clarify your own wonderfully unique road to success.

I work with ambitious mompreneurs & working moms who want to see their professional success levels explode while still being able to actually enjoy being a mother. 

I’m so sure of my tools and practices that I can state with absolute confidence: Give me an hour and I’ll get you an actionable confidence breakthrough. I’ve never met a confidence challenge I couldn’t overcome!

Lioness Method Workshop

Free 1 hour workshop

In this group call, I explore how you can be, do and have everything you want, without ‘mom guilt’

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A Lioness Roars

Lisa, you’re magic. You turn all my worries and insecurities into positives! It’s like you instantly tune into what’s behind my lack of confidence. I’ve set boundaries easily, without upsetting people, that’s changed everything for me. The processes you gave me help me see things as they really are, just limiting beliefs that I can change. You helped me to see that I’m me, not just a wife, daughter or mother but ME, Heather. I can be me and have and do what I want.
Heather Harker-Smith

The Lair Academy

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