This is my personal formula for success. Sounds simple? It is! And when you start applying it to your daily life…love…you won’t believe the difference.

Before starting with Lisa, I found that I was stuck in a rut, unable to see any way to change my mindset. I was desperately looking for a way to overcome the negative way I thought, both about myself and the way I was living my life. I had stopped allowing myself to do the activities I enjoyed because I had convinced myself that these activities held no value and that the needs of others came before mine.

I came to Lisa with the thought her programme couldn’t hurt but wasn’t sure if there would be any great benefit to it. I am very happy to say that I was very, very wrong. From the outset, Lisa was able to guide me through the reasons why I focused on the things I did, and how to change my thought processes. She was able to gently tease out of me what my true values, talents and dreams are, and how by letting me acknowledge them, I am one step closer to making them a reality. 

Lisa is amazingly good at what she does. Her gentle nature allows you to explore your thoughts without feeling pressure of any kind. Lisa has shown me that with a little bit of work on myself, I can reach my potential and achieve some of the things that I have always felt is out of reach. With Lisa’s encouragement, I now have the confidence to work towards what makes me happiest.

The experience of working with Lisa has also had a positive impact on my family life. Because I am happier with myself, I have found that my patience levels have increased, which is very helpful when homeschooling children! I have found I am sleeping better and that I am not mindlessly eating. 

I thoroughly recommend investing in coaching with Lisa. I have gained so much more than I thought was possible, and I am now looking forward to my future.

Kate Swain Nolan


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Before I went on my confidence coaching journey with Lisa I had lost my confidence. By the end, I managed to find the real me and feel a comfort and confidence in myself that is better than ever before. If the transformative experience that Lisa guided me through was a journey, then my coaching sessions were like pitstops, where I could share my experiences, successes & doubts. At each pitstop, Lisa would listen and intuitively guide me to express what was blocking me. She tailored her tips and processes to match and dissolve my struggles. I could just release, relax and continue my journey recharged with positive energy. This confidence coaching worked. Lisa showed me how to stay focused and consistent in a really easy way. As she says “It works, if you work it!”. I am creating my ideal life with this mantra.

When I met Lisa I had an idea for a new business, but believed that at 55 I was too old. I already own a successful Bridal Boutique, but found it hard to delegate so couldn’t find the time to devote to my new venture. By the end of my first session, I was so excited to start, and after only 4 sessions my business is ready to launch. I have handed over the day to day running of the boutique to my staff and I’m spending my time designing my exclusive range of children’s special occasion dresses. The business has an Instagram and Facebook account and I have a queue of customers waiting to try the dresses when we reopen after lockdown.

I feel confident now and positive for the future. I have set financial goals for both businesses and implemented new processes to help everything run smoothly. I didn’t take myself seriously as a businesswoman before I worked with Lisa, now I feel successful and want to use my years of experience to attract new clients and stand up as an expert in my industry. I cannot wait to see where the rest of our work together takes me.

Lisa, you’re magic.  You turn all my worries and insecurities into positives! It’s like you instantly tune into what’s behind my lack of confidence. I’ve set boundaries easily, without upsetting people, that’s changed everything for me. The processes you gave me help me see things as they really are, just limiting beliefs that I can change. You helped me to see that I’m me, not just a wife, daughter or mother but ME, Heather. I can be me and have and do what I want.

Heather Harker-Smith

Lisa Fox, you are a gift! Thank you so much for guiding me through your confidence process. Your work is brilliant. I had a hunch I was missing something, and you led me to find it. Your beautiful energy helped me to rise above obstacles that had been holding me back.